Set Up a Home Network to Enhance Your Online Experience

Computers have become ubiquitous in area homes, but many users don’t fully take advantage of some features that would enhance their online experiences. Remember that today’s home networks do more than simply allow a computer to connect to the internet. Home networks now make it possible for users to connect multiple devices that allow not only computer use but also video streaming and remote printing. In fact, the list of devices that can be connected to a home network is rapidly expanding, making it more important to set up a home network.

Getting Started

Today’s computers, printers, televisions, DVD players and other devices have the ability to connect wirelessly to a network. However, there are specific devices needed to make those connections a reality. First, an internet service provider (ISP) is required. Check the options available in your area to see which providers offer the best service. Higher connection speeds allow more devices to run simultaneously, so providers offering the highest speeds should at the top of your list.

Next, some type of modem and router will be required. Most of the ISPs provide a modem, but most don’t provide the router. However, those are readily available from a variety of suppliers. Again, newer, high-speed models should always be selected to achieve the best performance. Get advice or help from the ISP is you have any issues setting up the network.

Configuring Devices

In most cases, devices come with directions for connecting to the network, so users can successfully add devices. Today, appliances, security systems, and home heating and cooling systems can be connected to the network. The number of devices offering online compatibility is constantly growing, so don’t be afraid to look at the advantages offered by devices other than computers and entertainment systems that can be connected to a home network.

Protect the System

Security is always an issue, so take the advice of manufacturers and ISPs to protect your network. Passwords used to access the system, for example, should be complex to minimize the threat of non-authorized users gaining access.

When it’s time to set up a new network or update an existing one, don’t be afraid to ask for help is you’re unsure of the steps needed to get the system up and running properly. If issues arise later, it’s also important to contact experts for advice.

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